Mum Shares Moment She Saved Daughter From Choking To Help Other Parents

Mum Shares Moment She Saved Daughter From Choking To Help Other Parents

The moment a mother rescued her daughter from choking on a veggie chip was caught on camera.

Jennifer Hull’s One-Year-Old Hollis had been snacking on the chips while playing in the dollhouse with her three-year-old sister.

However Hollis got one wedged in her throat and was caught on camera running into the room gasping for air.

Hull immediately checked what was going on then held her daughter up and performed the Heimlich manoeuvre to remove the veggie chip.

It came out within seconds.

“I immediately jumped into mummy mode when it happened.”

“It was very scary.”

The mother said she decided to share the footage as a stark reminder to all parents. She credited the infant safety classes she took during her pregnancy that taught her how to properly perform the manoeuvre.

“We sat through every class that our hospital gave,” she added. “It’s the least that you can do if you’re going to bring a baby into the world.

“I just wish I had got to [Hollis] sooner.”

“According to a survey by St John’s Ambulance at the time, while 40% of parents have found themselves in this awful situation, only four-fifths knew how to react.Lifestyle……!”


RBS investor case adjourned for last-minute settlement talks

RBS investor case adjourned for last-minute settlement talks

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)……  Pursued last-minute settlement talks with a group of investors on Monday to avoid a potentially embarrassing trial over allegations the lender misled them about a 2008 capital increase.

A successful settlement would save former RBS Chief Executive Fred Goodwin from facing scrutiny in the courts over his decision-making and leadership at the time the lender almost collapsed.

RBS has doubled its offer to the remaining claimants as it seeks to settle the case, two people close to the matter told Reuters on Monday…….!

The civil trial brought by thousands of RBS investors was due to open at the High Court in London on Monday but was adjourned for a day to allow the settlement talks to continue.

“The plaintiffs allege former executives gave a misleading picture of the bank’s financial health ahead of a 12 billion pound ($15.5 billion) cash call in 2008. Months after the cash call, RBS had to be rescued by the government with a 45.8 billion pound bailout.”

RBS….. which remains more than 70 percent state-owned, denies any wrongdoing over the 2008 rights issue and says its former bosses did not act illegally.

Jonathan Nash. “A lawyer representing the claimants appealed to the court for an adjournment saying the two parties were in settlement talks and wanted longer to strike a deal.”

“We are involved in settlement discussions and we are hopeful of making progress……..!” Nash said.

The sources said RBS Chief Executive Ross McEwan was directly involved in talks over the weekend and that the bank had offered more than 80 pence for each RBS share held, though it was not clear if any investors have accepted the offer.

A settlement at that price would cost RBS “in the tens of millions of pounds”. A third source familiar with the matter said……….!

The bank has settled with 87 percent of the investors who originally brought the case but the others have so far rejected its offers and say they were determined to go to court……!

Mumbai Indians chase record third IPL crown

Mumbai Indians chase record third IPL crown

Mumbai Indians……!

Mumbai Indians will play another IPL final. In fact, their third in five years and fourth overall. They already have the most match wins in the competition’s history (90) but if that’s no metric to settle the team-of-the-decade debate, will an unprecedented third title do? They didn’t wade through the league phase as much as sashayed past it, taking down teams with ridiculous efficiency. They were penciled in for the final mid-way through the tournament and did wonderfully well to get there. Except, they joined the Hyderabad party a little belatedly as opposed to the more commonly anticipated narrative of them getting in early and welcoming their opponents.

“Rising Pune Supergiant’s story is known. A new captain, a sense of hurt from last year and a desire for redemption. Their equation with their neighbors is also little-brotherly, what with the splurging of the millions and a craving for the flavor of the season (Ben Stokes). But, unlike their Sunday opponents, they’ve often traded flair for discipline – a quality that has helped them trip Mumbai up thrice this season.”

Yet none of those games had a comparable context. Mumbai hadn’t kicked into gear when Smith sucker-punched them in a chase. “Rohit Sharma” couldn’t quite return the favor in the reverse fixture, as Mumbai’s six-game winning streak ended with a three-run defeat at the Wankhede stadium. Then in the first qualifier, Mumbai’s surface changed nature and Pune adapted quicker to sneak in another blow.

What those contests have established is that Pune bowl well, particularly against Mumbai, against whom they’ve taken 25 wickets and conceded only two half-centuries in these three games. Jaydev Unadkat (22 wickets at an economy of 7.24) has been their unlikely bowling hero of the season. He will once again be key to their chances in the final and will have particularly happy memories to tap into in Hyderabad, having taken a five-fer (including a hat-trick) on his last visit. He will, however, need all the support he can get from Shardul Thakur, Washington Sundar & Co. if Pune are to rein in Mumbai again.

They won’t bat as deep as Mumbai do, so “Rahul Tripathi”, “Ajinkya Rahane” and Smith will need to shore up the top-order, leaving “MS Dhoni” with as little rebuilding work to do as possible. Mumbai know all about this collective ingenuity. It’s a rare virtue in “T20” cricket – but one that has been the hallmark of their 2017 season…..!

GM to stop making cars for Indian market

GM(General Motors)to stop making cars for Indian market

General Motors (GM) has announced that it will stop making cars for the Indian market by the end of 2017.

The firm, which sells its Chevrolet brand in India, said it would continue to provide maintenance services.

It also said that its plant in Maharashtra would continue to make cars for overseas markets, mainly central and south American regions.

GM has announced similar plans for South and East African markets as part of its global business restructuring.

The US carmaker said it would stop selling cars in South Africa, and sell its manufacturing business there to Isuzu Motors.

It added that Isuzu would also purchase 57.7% shareholding in its East Africa operations, assuming management control.

The firm is aiming to make significant savings through these steps.

“As a result of these actions, GM expects to realise annual savings of approximately $100m (£77m) and plans to take a charge of approximately $500m in the second quarter of 2017,” it said in a statement.

(“GM’s announcement comes against the backdrop of predictions that India will become the world’s third biggest vehicle market by 2020….!”)

But the firm has put faith in exports from India.

“GM had planned to invest $1bn in India to boost its domestic presence, but its sales figures fell below below 1% in the year ended in March 2017.”

“We determined that the increased investment required for an extensive and flexible product portfolio……..! Would not deliver a leadership position or long-term profitability in the domestic market,” Mr Jacoby added.

Museum of Science Leader: Engineering Key to Innovation

Museum of Science Leader: Engineering Key to Innovation

Ioannis Miaoulis……..!

The president and director of Boston’s Museum of Science, has dedicated his life to educating the Under his leadership, the museum boasts hundreds of interactive programs and exhibits on everything from dinosaurs to the moon, and brings in more than 1.5 million visitors annually.

Originally from Greece, Miaoulis earned three degrees from  in Massachusetts: his bachelor’s and Ph.D. in mechanical engineering (in 1983 and 1987, respectively), and his master’s in economics (1986). He also earned a master’s in mechanical engineering from MIT in 1984.

He then held several roles at Tufts, including dean of the School of Engineering, associate provost, engineering professor and interim dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. In 2003, he joined the Museum of Science as president and director.

Since then, the Museum of Science has grown as a leader among science museums and educational institutions. In 2004, Miaoulis led the creation of the museum’s National Center for Technological Literacy, which promotes engineering and technology through hands-on learning and an emphasis on creation. In 2015, the NCTL received the National Science Board’s Public Service Award.

Miaoulis has served on the NASA Advisory Council, the National Museum and Library Services Board and former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick’s STEM Advisory Council, among others. He sits on the board of directors of both Tufts University and the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space, the organization that manages the International Space Station U.S. National Laboratory.

Trump trip to Middle East, Vatican offers religious opportunities, pitfalls

Trump trip to Middle East, Vatican offers religious opportunities, pitfalls


President Trump has billed his visit to Saudi Arabia. Israel and the Vatican as a sort of triple pilgrimage to places deeply meaningful to adherents of Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

But his first overseas trip as president also presents deep religious and political pitfalls.

Whether his time abroad will appease faith groups upset by Trump’s proposed Muslim travel ban and his waffling over whether to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem — among other thorny issues — remains to be seen.

“He will meet with Pope Francis, who has made no secret of his disdain for Trump’s harsh rhetoric about immigrants and has reminded the president to remember the poor.”

“In Saudi Arabia, Trump’s first stop, the president will share “his hopes for a peaceful vision of Islam” and “the need to confront radical ideology” during a meeting with officials from dozens of Muslim-majority countries”…… McMaster said.

“Trump will not be able to visit Mecca, the birthplace of Muhammad and the world’s holiest Islamic city, because it is off-limits to non-Muslims.”

During the Israeli leg of the trip, Trump will likely score points with the 80% of white evangelical Christians in the U.S. who voted for him — many of whom feel personally tied to Israel…

“There’s been a tendency” on the part of leaders “To see religion as part of the problem and something best avoided,” Rosen said, “But doing so only plays into the hands of the most extreme elements.”

“If President Trump wishes to reach out to ordinary Muslims in the Middle East and around the world, he should avoid the pejorative terminology, anti-Muslim stereotypes and counterproductive policies promoted by Islamophobic advisers such as Stephen Miller, Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorki……” Awad said.


Maharashtra House in State “GST” Bill

Maharashtra House To Meet From Tomorrow To Pass State GST Bill….!


The Maharashtra Legislature will begin a special three-day session from tomorrow to pass the state Goods and Services TaxSGST ) bill….etc.

The legislature will pass three bills – the main 116-page SGST Act, a bill related to the Compensation to Local Authorities and a bill on to the existing state laws that are to be repealed when the (SGST) comes into effect from July 1.

This is for the first time that the Legislature will have a sitting on a Sunday, that is May 21.

Sources in the Vidhan Bhavan said that the main SGST bill will first be tabled in the Legislative Assembly for debate and passage on May 20.
On the same day, the Legislative Council will debate on the main SGST bill later in the afternoon, the sources said.

“It shall depend upon the state Legislature whether to adopt both the main SGST and Compensation bills together or separately for debate and passage. The passage of the third bill pertaining to abolition of some Acts is expected to be a mere formality once the two main bills are passed,” the source said.

The main SGST bill will seek to confer powers upon the state to levy the tax on “Supply of goods and services or both which takes place within the state.”

It shall empower the state to levy taxes on all understate supplies of goods and services or both, except on supply of alcoholic liquor for human consumption, at a rate to be notified not exceeding 20 per cent…..etc.

The third bill deals with the state Acts to be repealed with the passage of the Maharashtra Goods and Services Tax (MGST) Act 2017……!

Xi Jinping says willing to get China-South Korea’s ties back on trackXi Jinping says willing to get China-South Korea’s ties back on track

Xi Jinping says willing to get China-South Korea’s ties back on track

Chinese President Xi Jinping told a South Korean envoy on Friday that he was willing to put relations back on a “normal track” amid tensions over a US anti-missile system deployed on the Korean peninsula.

In an apparent fence-mending move. South Korea’s new President Moon Jae-In dispatched his envoy Lee Hae-Chan to China after his election victory last week.

“We’re willing to work with South Korea to preserve the hard-won results, properly handle disputes, put China-South Korea relations back onto a normal track,” Xi said as he greeted Lee in Beijing.

“Your  visit to China to step up the communication on important issues related to bilateral relations… shows President Moon and his administration have attached high importance to our ties,” Xi said.

For his part. Lee said Moon asked him to express his “gratitude” to Xi for his message of congratulations after the election.

Ties between the two countries have soured in recent months over the deployment of the powerful Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) shield in South Korea. Which Beijing sees as a threat to its own military capability.

THAAD is aimed at guarding against threats from nuclear-armed North Korea, but China fears it will upset the regional security balance.

Left-leaning Moon and Xi spoke on the phone last week and both agreed that denuclearizing the North was a “common goal” between them, Moon’s spokesman said.

Tensions have been running high in the region. With Pyongyang launching what appeared to be its longest-range missile yet on Sunday.

“The United Nations Security Council met behind closed doors on Tuesday to discuss tightening sanctions on North Korea.”

Donald Trump’s Russia scandal almost entirely self-inflicted

Donald Trump’s Russia scandal almost entirely self-inflicted

“Mr Trump is so focused on personal injustice. He may not realize his presidency could be at risk, Writes Sky’s Hannah Thomas-Peter.”

He was of course talking about himself rather than his audience & it was no accident that small portions of the speech echoed Churchill, Whose bust sits in the White House.

Mr. Trump believes he is also a wartime president.But his war is playing out on a different battlefield.

He believes he is engaged in a fight to the death with the media and with anyone who sits left of center on the political spectrum the dreaded “liberals”……etc.

Mr. Trump, Members of his administration and his die-hard supporters genuinely believe there is a vast conspiracy afoot to remove him from office.