Digital marketing

As Indian consumers populate the internet (1,326,801,576 and counting), a goldmine of digital consumers is in the making and India Marketers can no longer rely on tried, true and tested marketing tactics to tap them. The internet has enabled marketers to track and analyse how, where, when and in which part of the online world their target audience is located. To execute this data driven marketing strategy, India Marketers’ game plan needs to be digital by default. The evolution of digital technology has transformed both the consumer and marketer. Initiatives like Digital India campaign have heralded positive and promising changes to create a digitally empowered society. A study by the Boston Consulting Group expects the internet to contribute $200 billion to India’s GDP (5 percent of total GDP) by 2020. Thus, as our lifestyles change, undoubtedly corresponding marketing strategies should follow suit. While Digital technology has multiplied the touchpoints of interaction between marketers and consumers, our research has shown that a key challenge for India Marketers is in understanding how to tailor personalised and real-time strategies for engaging the expanding and diversified digital consumer base.

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